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Building E-commerce & Content Management Solutions

Using newest technologies and taking care of performance and search visibility. Our CMS and E-Commerce solution allows the use of the most basic to the most complex workflows, including review and approval steps.

  • JamStack with WordPress/WooCommerce + NextJS
  • Protection against DDoS and other threats with Cloudflare®
  • High-availability with Kubernetes®


Business applications & Analytical dashboards

In the information age, any business needs to have a global view of its processes, sales and ROI. We provide an integrated solution that allows you to make the best decision based on real data analysis, reducing manual processes and associated errors substantially.

  • TensorFlow® for building AI processes
  • Collecting real-time data using RaspeberryPI® on premisses
  • Building mobile applications for collaborators
  • API integrations with external providers


Digital Transformation, challenging the future

Businesses grow and so do digital needs. Global competitiveness requires companies to transform and become increasingly digital, with autonomous processes and happier employees, helping to reduce errors and increase brand recognition. We help by analyzing your strategy and providing an integrated solution for the digital transformation of your business, tailored to your challenges and needs.

  • Complete cloud office solution
  • Integrations with invoicing and billing providers
  • Web presence with Google® Business


Design UX/UI & AR experiences

Outstanding experiences result in brand recognition. We help building a simplified and improved user experience that meets the needs of your users. The intersection with augmented reality guarantees word-of-mouth and brand fixation.

  • Real-time augmented reality using AR.js
  • Collecting metrics for real-time usage
  • Earning loyalty points or using virtual wallets

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