Web & Mobile


Web & Mobile

How important is it to be online? A solid business needs an online presence to connect with more potential customers. And just like the business, it must be unique and exclusive.


State-of-the-art websites

One website for all devices! Websites, Campaigns and large portals. We provide what users need to have an amazing experience. Businesses are all different and websites should keep up.

  • JamStack with NextJS
  • WordPress as CMS backoffice
  • Built-in REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Search-engine optimized
  • Feeding social networks


Internal Business Applications

We build dashboards for internal operations that aggregate information from various sources, which can help both in internal processes and provide relevant information at decision times.

  • Collect real user data
  • Get better KPIs
  • Develop dashboards with useful real-time metrics


Landing pages & online campaigns

In a world where the market is constantly changing, there is a need for rapid development of campaign pages and new product launches.

  • Short development cycles
  • Prepared for search engines
  • Always online responding to any high number of users


Mobile & Desktop Apps

Snappy mobile and desktop apps as a way to leverage your customers. We develop effective apps that help deliver your product.

  • Using React Native or Flutter
  • Fast and prepared for any mobile tech
  • Integrated analytics to collect users feedback

Website Tester

Test your website performance

Website's performance affects search results in Google®, Bing® and Yahoo®. Don't lose the opportunity to improve and reach more visitors.

Test website
The process

How do we develop a product?

The uniqueness of every new project is important, which is why our method allows flexibility and transparency during the development cycle.


Great ideas start from a single point

Initial sketch design applying standards without compromising the specificity of the product to build.


Build an incredible user experience

We work alongside you to achieve success. During this phase we create the story that will connect you to your users.


Validating the strategy

The creation of a prototype is essential for the success of the project. During this phase we work with you to validate the ideas and present the results to stakeholders.


Let's build together

Bi-weekly meetings to collect feedback on the development carried out so far.

  • Better software
  • Fast deliveries
  • AGILE® Scrum sprints
  • Security and reliability
  • Status check every other week


Next steps after delivery

We pass on all the necessary information and accesses. We can continue our collaboration by maintaining the product or just move into your ownership.


MYD has a strong sense of partnership, the commitment placed to achieve solutions and its professionalism, made it possible to turn every challenge and opportunity into a competitive advantage for IDC. These are the characteristics that make us continue to count on MYD for the future.

Let's build together

With transparency and within your budget.