Maintenance & Hosting


Maintenance & Hosting

Technology evolves and new threats emerge every day. All organizations need to defend their integrity by keeping the digital park updated, secure and available to all who depend on it. Currently, a few hours or even days of service instability can incur high costs for organizations. Maintenance is a crucial step.


Cloud hosting with redundancy

We offer hosting solutions in various datacenters in Europe using private networks and distributed systems through Kubernetes® or Docker®.

  • Containerized applications
  • Gbit datalinks in Europe
  • Integration with AWS, GCP and Cloudflare


Software Maintenance

We help keep software safe and up-to-date by searching for security issues and threats CVEs and updating critical components for using the latest systems..

  • Automatic searching for security vulnerabilities
  • Upgrading deprecated code
  • Collecting real user usage and erros

MYD has a strong sense of partnership, the commitment placed to achieve solutions and its professionalism, made it possible to turn every challenge and opportunity into a competitive advantage for IDC. These are the characteristics that make us continue to count on MYD for the future.

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