Automation Development


Automation Development

Any repetitive manual task can be turned into an algorithm. With this we can create chains of automated processes, thus increasing efficiency and quantity, substantially reducing the number of errors made by manual processes.


Automate repetitive tasks

Free your company from bureaucratic and repetitive tasks and focus on the most important thing — growth!

  • Process Workflows
  • Customers Journeys
  • Backoffice Processes
  • Voice IVRs
  • Chat Bots
  • Robotics


Machine Learning & Analytics

Collect more information and organize it to get really useful reports. Make informed decisions based on data analysis.

  • Collect real user data
  • Get better KPIs
  • Develop dashboards with useful real-time metrics

MYD has a strong sense of partnership, the commitment placed to achieve solutions and its professionalism, made it possible to turn every challenge and opportunity into a competitive advantage for IDC. These are the characteristics that make us continue to count on MYD for the future.

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